When not to listen to your parents.

(Or any other authority for that matter)

Don’t share.

Stop doing your homework. Don’t finish the food on your plate.
We never heard our parents say that. But won’t it be great if they did? Though in retrospect, we might have held these very things against them, blaming them for bringing us up the wrong way.

 So what do we do if the government tells us we can stop wearing car seatbelts, or start drinking and driving? It’s the same thing. The freedom will only come back to bite us.
Luckily, nothing of this sort will ever happen.
Our parents, and now we as parents, will continue to ensure that kids eat their greens.
And authorities will continue to ensure that we all drive safe.
But what about the Odd-Even formula?

With all its flaws and problems and unpreparedness, we all did drive on open roads whenever it was our turn, and got driven by others when it wasn’t. We did feel a bit relaxed when our kids stepped out to play in what we hoped was a cleaner environment. We did see our fuel bills go down. And some of us may have even made a few friends when we drove with strangers.

So what is the government telling us?
It is saying that the Odd-Even experiment will end on the 30th of April.
Well, this is one of those instances when we should stop listening to it. And continue like we never heard them.
Let’s all find our reasons to continue to carpool. Saving time, money, pollution, congestion, making friends. Or many more.
Not being told by the government to do it is another excellent one.

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