It’s raining.


Sharing an umbrella, if you are the sort who carries one, can certainly help an individual. And maybe make you a friend for life.

But sharing your car can do this, and a lot more.

Sharing your car – or choosing to ride in someone else’s – can make the roads less congested, ease driving, and make the trip pleasant. Because when the roads are wet and the skies grey, it helps to have fewer cars on road, and more people inside a car.

And all it takes is a quick look at your ePoolers app to find someone headed your way.

While every occasion to step out is a good enough reason to carpool, there is no time better than the monsoons. Because those songs that play to the drumming of the drops on the car roof are best enjoyed with someone. And on open, less packed roads.

Drive safe. And never alone.

Happy pooling!


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