We solved it ourselves.


The morning after Diwali this year, we were all greeted by a cleaner sky. Yes, it could have been better. But had we all not resolved to stay away from crackers, it could have just as easily been worse too.

We can all take credit for finding a solution that lies in our hands. Something that we can do without expecting authorities to solve it for us.

So why stop now?

There is at least one more solution that is completely within our reach.

Sharing rides.

Every time one of us leaves his or her car or bike at home and finds someone going their way at their time, there is one less vehicle on the road. And the air gets free from the exhaust of one vehicle.

Every time one of of us offers to take someone else in their cars, or their bikes, the same happens.

We have the power in our hands to take off many more cars from the road. And the exhaust of many more cars from the air.

ePoolers is a ride sharing platform that can help you find people you share your route, your commute time, and even your interests with. Besides helping save the environment, you save on your ride cost too.

Come on board.

Let’s celebrate our own power to make our city a better place to live and breathe in.

Happy Pooling!


Should one burst crackers in the name of tradition?

Or not burst crackers for the sake of the air we breathe?

You could take sides in this debate.

You could argue that a day’s festivities does little harm compared to what we let loose in the atmosphere the year round. Or you could argue that a day’s festivities in a packed city does more damage than we can imagine.

But one thing everybody agrees on – the air we breathe is polluted. Not just on Diwali and the days following it, but on every day of the year.

And among many things that can help bring that down, carpooling is among the top.

Because to do that, you need little more than your own willingness.

You need no law, no push, no directive from the government.

All you need to do is pick someone who has chosen to leave their car at home.

Or leave yours and travel with someone who chose to drive instead.

It is something you can do throughout the year.

But especially now, when the city is gearing up for Diwali.

Whichever side of the debate around crackers you may be on.

Happy Pooling! Happy Diwali!