All friends start out as strangers.



You & your best friends started out as total strangers.

Until your paths crossed, and you found things you had in common. And here you are now. With their phone numbers never leaving your frequently called list, their social media flooded with your pictures, your anecdotes and plans incomplete without them.

Hard to believe they were strangers once.

But when was the last time that happened?

We are still surrounded by all these strangers, each on her or his way, brushing past us in their rush. Don’t you wonder if you somehow found a reason to talk to any one of them, and found a common love, where would it all end?

When was the last time you actually talked to a stranger, and turned the person into a friend?

You can do it now.

Find a stranger going your way. At the time you are.

And offer them a ride in your car. Or ask to go in theirs.

Maybe you will bond over the music you love listening to.

Or over your career choices. Or your early retirement plans.

Maybe you will discover that your kids go to the same school. Or that you did.

You could exchange books over the ride, or gossip, or business cards.

Whatever you do over the drive, you would have made a friend.

Or met a stranger.

Two things that we are doing less and less of.

And together, you would have taken one car off the road.

That’s a feeling worth sharing.

Happy Pooling!


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