If You’ve Taken An Elevator, Then You Can Carpool!

Riding an elevator is not much different from sharing a ride. Both involve spending time with strangers, confined in small spaces (however big your car is) and trying to find excuses to look in any direction than each other’s.

When riding an elevator, there is a clear trade-off for this short bout of uneasiness. You reach your destination faster and you save yourself the sweat, you would work up from climbing all those stairs.

But when you carpool, one doesn’t really know if the trouble is worth the savings. Yes, we would all have cleaner air to breathe, a bit more money left from fewer tank fulls, and the roads a bit more open and free of congestion. Still, carpooling isn’t an obvious habit. There is the longer-than-an-elevator period of closeness with strangers. The difficulty of finding the right people to carpool with. And the issue of safety.

That’s what ePoolers is all about.

This ride sharing app is built around these insights.

Take the ride-cost calculation and exchange of money. Knowing how awkward these things are between strangers, the app has a unique ride cost calculator attached to a digital wallet that figures out the money that needs to come – or go – and shuffles it automatically.

On the issue of safety, all Riders and Poolers sign in through their social media profiles, the Driving License & vehicle details are must for Poolers, and phone numbers are exchanged before rides begin.

Finally, finding the right people to share close spaces with is made possible through a ‘find by interest’ feature. Love Hindi music? Find a rider who does the same.

Some day, we would all be carpooling. It will be the natural thing to do. Let’s start now. It’s as easy as downloading ePoolers on your smartphone. Right away!


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