How Many Cars Did You Take Off The Road Today?

If your commute to work was a video game, where the winner was the one who took the maximum number of cars off the road, would you not enjoy the daily drive bit more?

Carpooling is a bit like that. And with the new and intuitive ride sharing app ePoolers, it can be both fun and rewarding.

You are driving to work – or back home – and are caught in the usual traffic. All around you, there are cars inching forward. Most of these with a lone driver – or at best with a passenger or two – heading the same way. There might be a few that you recognise from other days. Maybe one or two that works in your office area, or stays where you do.

Now if all of you – or some of you to begin with – were to download ePoolers right away, and log-in while idling at the next traffic light as you wait for it to turn green, you could win this game.

Here’s how.

If two people from the cars around you download the ePoolers app, and one sets up a ride for the next day, and the other decides to leave the car at home and look for someone to ride with, the app will connect the two of you. It will calculate the ride cost, split it up, and transfer money from one digital wallet to the other. All by itself.

And tomorrow, there will be one less car on the road.

If enough people do it, there will be far fewer cars on the road.

And we will all win.


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