It Takes Two To Carpool

When someone walks half way to do something good, and finds no one waiting to help complete it, it can get really frustrating.

This is especially true for carpooling. And this realization is at the heart of ePoolers, a ride sharing app that enables you to meet each other half way.

While some have understood their small role in the larger change they can help bring – a cleaner, greener world, decongested roads, lesser dependency on fossil fuels, shared resources. And even the personal ones like making new friends and saving on fuel bills.

All this can only be achieved if they meet others who feel the same.

One can offer rides to others, or leave their own cars at home and look for people going their way, but the idea only works when there are enough people accepting or offering rides.

The more of us who get on platforms like ePoolers – a car and bike sharing app that automates ride calculation and money exchange – the more likely it is that most of us will find each other.

Or else, the few who are trying their best by logging in everyday, might give up.

And that’s something we cannot allow, for the sake of our world. And our children.


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