Do The World A Favour. Carry A Spare Helmet.

There are always people waiting for a cab, a metro, a bus, an auto.

And there are always people riding alone on their bikes.

In an ideal world, the two would find each other and there would be fewer people waiting, fewer people riding alone.

Money and time would be saved. Roads would see fewer traffic.

So what does it take to make this an ideal world?

Just one thing. A spare helmet.

If all those who commute on a bike alone carry it, and all those who struggle to find transport everyday carry it too, that will be one obstacle less to make this world a friendlier, happier and cleaner place.

And maybe a bikesharing app like epoolers on your phone can help you find verified fellow riders to travel with.

Yes, despite carrying a helmet and having your app ready, you may still not find a rider, or a pooler immediately.

After all, this is not an ideal world. But that’s exactly what we are trying to make here.

Let’s start by carrying a spare helmet.

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